dr_a_karev (dr_a_karev) wrote in sghospiital,

Lunch Time Fun

Alex had piled his tray high with food, plen ty for both him and Callie. He had goten a chicken sandwich, a turkey sandwich and a roast beef sandwich, not knowing what she would want. A coupel bags of chips and pieces of fruit along with two bottles of water and a cartoon of milk.

O'Malley had said nothing to him about the ultrasound photo. In truth, it sort of pissed him off. Alex had made the effort, now George needed to make it back. Although it was probably better for Alex if George stayed out of the picture. It meant Callie wouldn't have to pick between the two of them. It meant he had his family.

He had never had a family. Well he had a father who beat the shit out of him. That was a family, but not what a family was supposed to be. He knew his grandfather had beaten his dad as well, but the cycle ended with him. He had been resolved in that fact since his teen years. He would never ever lay a hand to his child. He would be there for the sporting events and help fix their cars and their broken hearts.

Alex had never pictured it happening like this though. Not with Callie. Not with her carrying George's child. Not in his intern year, but here it was happening and he was allowing it to happen. Sure he had doubts, but Callie....when he held her in his arms.....all the doubts seemed worth it for her.
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