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Juliet Dawson

hospital cafeteria ( we all get by with a little help from our friends )

She'd finished observing her first cleft palate surgery about a half hour ago, and ever since it'd been hard for her to sit still. She didn't know whether it was the surgery that had gotten her adrenaline pumping or whether there was any correlation between the two at all. But whatever the case, she stayed active, shuffling here and there as she checked in on the patient ( as well as a few others whose cases she'd been keeping up with ) and filed the pre-op paperwork into its rightful location after making sure it had already been signed by Dr. Sloan whose crafty handiwork in the OR she had complimented ( only after he was completely finished and stepped outside the room -- incase he decided to include that as her breaking her promised silence during the procedure ). All in all, everything had run smoothly.

Her mood was a strange one. One minute she was up, the next down. Her day had been a mixture of good and bad, and one didn't seem to cancel out the other as it normally did. She still had a lot on her mind, but no one would think she was anything but happy because of the small smile that remained worn across her face.

The hospital seemed to be fairly quiet today. She hadn't run into any of the others interns, nor had she run into Derek ( which she was thankful for - she wasn't looking forward to the awkwardness that was bound to ensue as they pretended that nothing had ever happened between them ). The temporary calm was a refreshing change from the chaotic lives of not only the patients, but the doctors, interns, and other staff members as well, and she intended on taking full advantage of the short-lived change of pace - even if it was just to catch her breath.

Speaking of which, she hadn't realized how tired she was until now. Maybe it was all the small, random tasks she'd busied herself with since the day started that had worn her out so, or maybe her sudden state of exhaustion was because of the mental and emotional strain she'd been dealing with as of late. No matter what the reasoning was behind it, she needed to sit down for a minute - take a break. She decided to grab a bite to eat as well. She hadn't had anything since breakfast, and even then she'd been running late, so it had been a small one. With that in mind, she veered towards the best place to do both: the cafeteria.

After grabbing a tray filled with the more edible appearing items to choose from, she'd turn and spot Addison seated at a nearby table. She hesitated a moment, unsure of whether she was angry with her or not or whether she should approach her. But she decided that they were bound to run into each other sooner or later, and she preferred sooner. Besides, it was best to get everything out of the way instead of letting things settle and build over time. That tended to make things worse. With that mentality, she made her way over and took a seat in the vacant chair across from her. "Hey. Hope this seat isn't taken . . ." Realistically she knew it wasn't, but the remark was made primarily to get Addison's attention and see how she would greet her.
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