izzzzzzzie (izzzzzzzie) wrote in sghospiital,

Paging Dr. Sloan *wince*

Izzie walked toward the nurses' station, feeling pretty bad. She hadn't really caught a break in weeks, was way too busy to talk to anyone, and hadn't slept in a really long time...2 days? 3 days? The last time she had slept had been for a lousy 5 hours...2 of which were spent crying, 1 of which was spent ransacking the refrigerator. It resulted in her feeling completely gross and depressed, and rather irritable.

So when she had given Bailey a smart ass remark (not smart), she had been automatically assigned to Sloan, which added to her already pissy mood. But she hid it as well as she could while she walked up to him.

"Dr. Sloan," she said, trying to keep her voice light. "I'm assigned to you today."
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