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booty page for "stuff"

Addison tapped her foot repeatedly against the floor, sitting behind her desk as she stared at her watch. She'd just gotten out of surgery and was feeling extra anxious. Paging Mark immediately would have made her look desperate, and honestly, she was a little, though she'd never admit to it. That would be happening soon enough though.

She'd probably never stop hating the fact that she was no longer in charge of her body, at least, not for the next six months. Her hormones controlled her emotions. Her new eating habits and the growth of their baby would change her body whether she liked it or not. There was really nothing she could do, but she'd begun to accept those facts and that she'd just have to deal with all of it for quite some time.

After a while, Addison finally deemed the time that'd passed long emough. She pulled out her blackberry and paged Mark, leaving our some of the more embarassing details like having thought about him and their stuff all throughout her surgery.

When she finished, she put it away and tried to wait patiently. Getting antsy, she stood and started to pace her office, walking back and forth in front of her couch. Mark really could not come any sooner.
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