Addison (desirable_addie) wrote in sghospiital,

the lounge (what were you thinking?)

After the little confrontation the four of them had outside Addison's office, she escorted Mark to the doctor's lounge so they could talk in private as he iced his hand. There was enough going around about them by now and they really didn't need anymore unnecessary drama, not that they didn't have a knack for creating some anyway. Really, if the hospital didn't have her life to gossip about, she was sure that something would come crumbling down because they never seemed to have anything else to talk about. She was sick of it, but she would deal.

Sitting Mark down in one of the chairs, she placed the ice pack onto his knuckles and went to sit herself down in the empty chair next to him. She sighed and looked at him, raising and eyebrow as she crossed her arms in front of her.

Where was she supposed to start? How was she supposed to approach this? Addison couldn't be completely mad at him because he was listening to the advice she'd given him which was to treat Juliet as he would one of the Shepherd girls. But he also could have handled the situation much better. Hitting Derek wasn't the only option and it certainly wasn't the best one. This only made her life more complicated that it already was.

Addison was trying to be friends with Derek, trying to get the friendship they'd developed long before they became Addison and Derek, the couple. They were doing pretty well, but this was sure to hinder things a bit. She couldn't have her boyfriend and father of her child hitting Derek if they were going to get as close as they were before. Things just didn't work that way.

"What in the world were you thinking?" she finally asked him with a sigh.
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