Juliet Dawson (juliet_dawson) wrote in sghospiital,
Juliet Dawson

Hospital lobby ( always looking for a way out )

She hadn't been assigned to anyone for the day, so her shift had ended earlier than it usually did. After doing a sweep of the hospital and being unable to find Izzie, she assumed Mark had sent her off on one of his wild errands. So for now she'd go home just long enough to shower, planning on returning to the hospital once she was done. The last few days - or the last week, really - had been incredibly exhausting. She hadn't really taken the time to unwind from it all, but she knew there was plenty of time for that later. She had a habit of shoving her problems to the back of her mind and focusing on others. She wore herself thin, even if she refused to admit it. But overall, she knew she could deal with whatever came her way.

Izzie was another story. She knew very little about how strong her female companion was. So as of now, she would be the supportive friend willing to lend an ear, shoulder to cry on, or simply be there to lift her spirits. She would be the person Izzie could lean on, although she already had George and Meredith. But it never hurt to have options - not that she would know much about that from personal experience. Still, she had survived a lot in her lifetime, and she knew that if she could make it through, anyone could. Sometimes a person just couldn't see that on their own, so someone else had to step up and show them that they would be okay.

After she showered and changed, she'd reapply her make-up and dry her hair before brushing it and sleeking it down. Hands briefly tugged at the hem of the denim skirt she'd chosen to wear for the evening as she made her way to the door. She wasn't sure what kind of plans Izzie had in mind, but she was down for whatever - although after they got a chance to talk, she had a feeling they could both use a little pick-me-up. Maybe now was't the best time for her to be trying to cheer somewhere else up. She wasn't exactly level-headed at the moment. She was still 'nursing a broken heart' from being dumped by Derek who hadn't seemed to regret his decision any. At least that was the conclusion she'd come to since he hadn't tried to talk to her since they broke up. And the fact that she'd called her father and spoken to him for the first time since she'd ran away also put a huge damper on her mood. But she wanted him to know that she had a good life. She'd succeeded despite his best efforts to knock her down, and she'd found her brother. Of course they'd batted insults back and forth, but the reality of the situation was he was a pathetic, bitter old man who had nothing - he couldn't hurt her anymore. She'd won, no matter what damage he'd done. She'd always carry the scars he left behind, but she'd survived.

On her way back to the hospital, her mind wandered to Derek once again. Really, she would do or try anything to take her mind off him. Thinking of him only made keeping her distance harder, and that's obviously what he wanted. She had to respect his decision, but it was difficult. Even she wanted to be loved. She wanted to be desired. And maybe the particular attire she'd selected for the evening, it demonstrated that. Tonight she wasn't holding back: she was fair game. If Derek and Alex wanted to play the field, there was no reason she and Izzie couldn't go out and have a little fun of their own. What's the worst that could happen? A dangerous philosophy? Maybe. But she was willing to go to any extreme to cheer both Izzie and herself up, because they deserved a break.

Once she re-entered the hospital, she'd take a seat in a vacant chair on the far side of the room, reclining back as she waited for Izzie, legs crossed, mind drifting back to someplace else.
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