Juliet Dawson (juliet_dawson) wrote in sghospiital,
Juliet Dawson

Seattle Grace, nurse's station in lobby ( and we're back again )

Despite her late night out with Izzie the night before, she wasn't that tired - or maybe she was and she just refused to stand still. She had gotten to scrub in on her first plastic surgery, and there was no way she was going to take a step back and graciously bow out now. While she was appreciative, she had proved that she could in fact remain a silent observer in the OR. So now Mark really didn't have en excuse to exclude him from his surgeries. She realized she still had a lot to learn, but cooperating with her superiors had never been a problem with her.

She hadn't seen or spoken to Derek since they'd agreed to go their separate ways, and in a way that made it easier to go back to the way things had been: attaching herself to Sloan and begging him to let her do something worthwhile. Fortunately since he had caved once already, she had at least one patient that she could link herself to, and she took every available opportunity to go and make sure that patient was comfortable.

She had just come back from her second routine check since she'd clocked in that morning, deciding that she should stop dropping in so frequently. She had a bad habit of doing that. Once she got comfortable with doing something or being around someone, it was like she gravitated towads them. She wouldn't necessarily consider herself clingy because she rarely grew comfortable enough with someone to continually hang around them, but there were a few exceptions.

So now what to do? It was amazing that no many how many times she circled the hospital, there was rarely a doctor in sight. It's like they were in hiding or something. Or they could just be busy doing their jobs, but where was the likelihood in that? But there was one way to get ahead. She had a tendency to sneak a peak at the surgeons' schedules. Major things to look for was when they were coming in and if or when they had scheduled surgeries. That always helped. So when she saw that Mark Sloan didn't come in for another half hour, she'd go ahead and grab two cups of coffee ( one for him and one for herself ) and circle back around to the lobby.

This gave a whole new meaning to 'pouncing' someone as soon as they walked through the door, but hey, she had done her share. She'd sorted through some more of Mark's paperwork and filed the folders in their proper places, and she was going to be sure to point that out. Besides, there wasn't anyone else standing in line waiting to be his intern for the day. The only other person who had shown a primary interest in Plastics was Alex, and he was busy with . . . other things. One thing Sloan couldn't say about her was that she wasn't dedicated.

Fingertips drummed lightly on the desk as she cast a brief glance to the clock before resettling her gaze on the glass doors.
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